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September 4, 2016 / lorettajane


The strength of your walk
The confidence of your hands
The gentle touch of your lips
Disarm me
Your eyes penetrate my
Your scent penetrates my
Your words penetrate my
And you
Disarm me 
Empowered by your vision
The locks on the cages that held me are broken
Inspired by your sight
The weapons that have kept me frozen are destroyed
Enlightened by your passion and embrace
I am Liberated


February 7, 2015 / lorettajane

What is Holy?

thick barricade

monstrous yearning

just a taste, a brief scent of possibility

loud crashing of the gates

hope wanes in the bleak cold

no grace, no mercy, no comfort for lovers

the icy yoke of duty

the sharp echo of danger

warning for warming pleasure

do not rest here, this is a “sacred” place.

What is the evil enemy?

Love, peace, embrace?

The whole of creation groans as we stand “sacred” and scared

of life.

May 5, 2010 / lorettajane


Waves crash powerfully upon the  hot sand.

Just as quickly as they arrive they retreat.

Cruel and merciless, they tease and taunt,

feigning freedom.

They neither slow nor stop their motion.

She rules them;

back and forth

The rhythm of her seduction

Helpless in her tether

They seek…find…and lose…

Seek… find… and lose…


May 3, 2010 / lorettajane

Endless Revolutions

Mesmerizing blade

shimmering in the dark

Quick fall

let loose the silver thread

binding soul to sand.

Crimson tide break o’er

come wash away the pain.

The breath expands the weak balloons

and round we go again.

April 27, 2010 / lorettajane


I have known love in your arms

you who see me

my billions of particles moaning and crying for you

you touch me in places I didn’t know existed

You heal the wounds of my heart

my soul complete in your embrace

time stops in the laughter as I discover

as you uncover

My God-Spot!

April 23, 2010 / lorettajane


First the look

The laugh

Your hand brushes mine

We blush

Draw back

Wanting to leap forward….to rush in and touch

your hand, your face, your lips

The deep centering breath

The sigh


April 14, 2010 / lorettajane

Sandcastles Crumble “for Rachelle”

I yearn for the innocence of childhood

When bad was wetting your pants or biting another child

now biting is not so physical

Words are more destructive than teeth

They hurt worse, bruise harder and longer.

The little boys use to steal the blocks from the little girls at playtime

now people steal hopes and dreams

They shatter tomorrows like the crumbling sandcastles in the sandbox.

We use to play like we were grown-ups

But we aren’t pretending anymore

And this isn’t playtime

Not ever again.